Creating Infographics


The students created their own Infographics about the New Covenant of Jesus for Religious Education.  They were given a simple tutorial on how to create their own icons using shapes in Keynote.  Students used this initially to begin to develop their own and then branched out to appsmash with other drawing apps and ultimately to create their own. 

A little typo on this last one but these are only a couple of what turned out to be AMAZING work by the students.  


Big Ideas 2013 – Tahlia


I look around and smile. I’m in a spaceship, on my way to mars! I remember clearly how it happened…

I frantically looked around, searching though the screaming crowd for my mum, holding my younger brother’s hand.
“Amellia.” he whimpered to me “Where is mummy?” he asked, looking up at me with wide eyes.
“I don’t know yet, Thomas.” I said, pulling him though the crowd.
“Amellia, I want to go home” he cried.
I sighed, trying to stay calm “Okay, I’ll take you home, but then I will have to go find mummy by myself” I said. I pulled him out of the crowd and started leading him home.

Are you wondering whats going on? Well, aliens are invading. At least that’s what everyone thinks. I reckon they are here to help us, not destroy us! They said on the news that they are here to stop world war, give us new resources and help us get to space. However, everyone thinks they are going to kill us so they are running around screaming. I don’t understand. I mean it’s not like if you run around screaming they are going to go away, are they? Some people are just dumb.

I stuffed my hands in my pocket searching for my keys, and felt a cold metal thing shaped as a key. I grinned and pulled it out of my pocket, pushed it though the key hole and twisted. I heard the soft click that happens when you unlock the door, then pushed it open and rushed in with Thomas. I took him to the kitchen and started making him a ham and cheese sandwich with warm milk, while he sits down on the counter and waits for me silently.

“Amellia,” he whined.
I cringed slightly because I hate that name. only he can call me that.
“Yes, Tommy?” I answer as I put down his meal.
“Why was everyone screaming?” he asked innocently.
I sighed. I knew it was coming but I didn’t know how to explain it to him “Well, aliens have came to earth to help us. But everyone thinks they are invading.”

“Oh.” Was all he said, before he started eating.
“Thomas I’m going out again and I want you to stay here no matter what, okay?” I instructed, then handed him the home phone. “And if you need anything, call me. You know what my number is.”
He nodded.
“Good, I’m going to find mummy now.” I kissed his forehead. “Good bye.”

I rushed out the door and locked it from the outside, then pushed though the crowd, trying to get to my mums workplace. That’s probably where she is. I see the building and a rush of people escaping though the doors. One person stands out from the rest. My mother! She was wearing bright clothes, unlike everyone else. They all wore black and grey, but my mum was always wearing yellow and blue and bright colours, which match her personality.

I grinned and waved my hands in the air as I ran to her. I saw her turn towards me and my face instantly turns into a grin.
“AMY!” she screamed and started running towards me.

I flung my arms around her.
“Mum” I said.
“Amy, are you alright? Have the aliens got you yet?” she exclaimed.
My grin turns upside down. “What do you mean?” I asked.
“The aliens are invading!”
I shook my head. “They are here to help us!” I said, escaping her arms. “I can’t understand how you believe all those crazy people!” I started to walk away, knowing she would follow me.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry.” she said.
I nodded “It’s okay.”
We reached home, and I saw my brother and smiled at him. He was watching the news, trying to figure out what was going on.
“Hi, honey.” Mum said to my brother.
He turned around and jumped up, his eyes sparkling.
“MOMMY!!” he yelled, running into his mother’s hug.
I smiled at them.

My head snapped in that direction and saw a thing, a MAN. Well not a man, but rather an alien! He was fluffy green hair, brown rough skin, that looked awfully a lot like tree bark and his hair was made of leaves.
“I’m from the Forest of the Cheem, and my title is the Grand Tree Leader. I have come to help you. We are going to help you stop world war, and get off this planet, and into space as we have foreseen its end. We will give you new resources and technology. Only if you promise not to hurt us.” the tree guy rambled on, finishing his speech.
I ran to the door and looked outside. No one was running or screaming, and everyone had their eyes fixed on the screen. Finally, they can see that the aliens won’t hurt us.

Suddenly some people came to our door.
“Who are you?” I asked
“We are from the government, and you have been chosen to come to space with your family, if you accept.” one of them said.
“One second,” I said and held up a finger to them.
I ran to the living room “Do you guys want to go to space?” I blurted out excitedly.
“YES!” My brother screamed
“Ehh , I guess so?” Mums said doubtfully.
“Okay thanks,”
I ran back to the door “Yes.” I answer happily.
“Good. Pack your stuff up and we will pick you up from your house tomorrow before we leave.” he said, then they walked away.

Now we’ve learned. We used to be scared of aliens. And it’s true, some of them still COULD be violent and mean. But these ones weren’t, and they helped us to advance. I know now that scientists will NEVER give up on searching for more. Who knows what we could find?

Big Ideas 2013 – Global Warming


A Poem by Angela Gethin

Global Warming

Intake, breath in, the world around you.
For such beauty does surround you.
The sapphire sky, the sun ablaze.
The silver shades of a misty haze.
The crystal waters gently rippling,
The birds above your head are singing.
The emerald grass beneath your feet.
The smell of flowers oh-so sweet.

Now step into the distant future,
A place so morbid, no words nor literature,
Could ever possibly describe,
For this is a path we must not abide.
When you look, what your eyes see,
Is a sight unknown to you or me.
A nightmare! No emerald grass beneath your feet.
Your skin is burning from the heat.
As for the birds above your head,
You may find they are all dead.
The crystal waters cause floods now,
Though the rise of sea-levels does explain how.
A contrast from the floods, the droughts will attack.
And now, you’ll find you really want the old earth back!

Global warming can cause all this,
So how has it come to exist?
Greenhouse gasses, rising high,
Above the earth, above the sky.
Like a blanket they trap in heat,
Though harmless-seeming, full of deceit.

Global warming will cause droughts, floods, sea-level rise.
Animas will die out though it may come as a surprise.
Crops won’t grow, ice will melt.
The burning heat will surely be felt.
This is a fate that can be undone,
But it will take effort from everyone.

Gasses such as CFCs,
Used now and then by you or me.
Methane, ozone, nitrous oxide,
Water vapour, carbon dioxide,
All of these gasses build up and after awhile,
They warm the earth in blanket style.

When we cut down trees, when we use cars.
When we mine coal or run animal farms.
When fossil fuels are burning away,
We invite more of these gasses to stay.

So what can we do, what must be done-
To keep our poor earth safe and from harm?
Our leafy friends help clean our air,
Creating oxygen from carbon leaves them no time to spare.
We cut down many trees, but trees are our friends.
Reducing greenhouse gasses till the very ends.
If only we were to plant so many more.
Then one thing that everyone could be sure,
Is that our precious earth would greatly benefit,
And this is a fact we all must admit.
Here’s another thing that can be done;
Swap a car tripe for a bike ride – it is so much more fun!
And as for CFCs – try to avoid them.
For when we use them, ourselves we condemn,
To a miserable future, dull, dry and hot.
A horrible place that nobody will want!

So remember, this is a fate that can be undone,
But it will take effort from everyone!